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Derives from Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.Core.Primitives.DatetimeUpDownBase

The TimeSpanUpDown controls let you increment or decrement a time over 24 hours. The Format is Days.Hours:Minutes:Seconds.



Property Description
AllowSpin Gets or sets the ability to perform increment/decrement operations via the keyboard, button spinners, or mouse wheel. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
AllowTextInput Determines if the editable part of the control can be edited. The editable part does not include buttons or spinners, it is typically the text part.
ClipValueToMinMax Gets or sets if the value should be clipped when minimum/maximum is reached. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
DisplayDefaultValueOnEmptyText Gets or sets if the DefaultValue should be displayed when the Text is empty. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
DefaultValue Get or sets the value to use when the Value is null and an increment/decrement operation is performed. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
FractionalSecondsDigitsCount Gets or sets the number of digits to use to represent the fractions of seconds in the TimeSpan.
Maximum Gets or sets the maximum allowed value. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
Minimum Gets or sets the minimum allowed value. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
MouseWheelActiveTrigger Gets or sets when the mouse wheel event should affect the value. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
ShowButtonSpinner Gets or sets if the button spinners are visible. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
UpdateValueOnEnterKey Gets or sets a value indicating whether the synchronization between "Value" and "Text" should be done only on the Enter key press (and lost focus). (Inherited from UpDownBase)
Value Gets or sets the numeric value. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
CultureInfo Gets or sets the current CultureInfo. (Inherited from InputBase)
IsReadOnly Gets or sets a value indicating whether the control is read only. (Inherited from InputBase)
Text Gets or sets the formatted string representation of the value. (Inherited from InputBase)
TextAlignment Gets or sets the alignment of the Text. (Inherited from InputBase)
Watermark Gets or sets the object to use as a watermark if the Value is null. (Inherited from InputBase)
WatermarkTemplate Gets or sets the DataTemplate to use for the Watermark. (Inherited from InputBase)


Event Description
ValueChanged Raised when the Value changes. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
InputValidationError Raised when the Text cannot be converted to a valid Value. (Inherited from UpDownBase)

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BoucherS Oct 21, 2015 at 8:07 PM 
Hi, issue and have been created.

pa_duch Oct 20, 2015 at 11:52 AM 
Hi, how can I set default increment /decrement fields of TimeSpan other than hours, for example minutes or seconds.
Second question is: Can I change step value for example (15s).

BoucherS Aug 5, 2014 at 1:55 PM 
Hi, Please use the discussion or issue tab. Issue has been created.

student1985 Jul 14, 2014 at 5:29 AM 
Hello, how can i set the format for this. I would like to show the milliseconds Also.