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Extended WPF Toolkit Plus

The Extended WPF Toolkit here on CodePlex is completely free to use, includes source code, and is provided under the Microsoft Public License for maximum freedom.

The Plus edition was created to support the expanded team working on Extended WPF Toolkit and to try out a new business model for Xceed. Registering for the Plus edition is only $180 per developer for a 1-year subscription (less if you buy Team subscriptions) and it will get you fast support by email and access to advanced features (future versions, like v1.8 that is in the works, will provide bug fixes, new features and new controls for the free project here on CodePlex, and also some other new controls and new features for the Plus edition).

It's your way, or your company's way of sponsoring Xceed to continue to roll out great updates on CodePlex. As a subscriber, you'll also get your questions and feature requests considered before anyone else's. We hope you get your copy of Extended WPF Toolkit Plus today!

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