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Derives from Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.Primitives.ShapeBase

Draws an arcing segment of a circle, letting developers display data in an easily digestible format, such as in pie charts, or even in things such as pie clocks and pie progress indicators.

The Pie shape is a WPF shape that represents a portion of an ellipse. It is in the same shape as a slice of pie (hence the name). More precisely, the Pie shape is represented as either a full ellipse (Slice = 1.0), nothing (Slice = 0.0), or an arc of an ellipse joined to its center by two line segments.



Property Description
DefiningGeometry Overridden Gets the geometry object defining the pie shape.
EndAngle Gets or sets the end angle (in degrees, with 0 on the right) of the pie.
GeometryTransform (Overridden) Gets the identity transform, since pie objects do not use geometry transforms.
Mode Gets or sets the PieMode(Manual, EndAngle, Slice). By default, Manual.
RenderedGeometry (Overridden) Gets the geometry of the rendered pie.
Slice Gets or sets the size of the slice (0 to 1, 1 being a full circle).
StartAngle Gets or sets the start angle (in degrees, with 0 on the right) of the pie.
SweepDirection Gets or sets the direction of the pie(Clockwise, counterClockwise) when going from StartAngle to EndAngle. By default, Counterclockwise.

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