Only available in the Plus Edition

Derives from AnimationPanel

Exactly like WPF's native Grid panel, except that this panel can animate its children and be used inside a SwitchPanel.



Property Description
* All the Properties from Canvas Panel
ColumnDefinitions Gets the ColumnDefinition collection.
RowDefinitions Gets the RowDefinition collection.
ShowGridLines Gets or sets if the GridLines are shown.


Event Description
* All the Events from Canvas Panel.


Method Description
GetColumn( DependencyObject d ) Gets the Column property.
SetColumn( DependencyObject d, int value ) Sets the Column property.
GetColumnSpan( DependencyObject d ) Gets the columnSpan property.
SetColumnSpan( DependencyObject d, int value ) Sets the columnSpan property.
GetRow( DependencyObject d ) Gets the row Property.
SetRow( DependencyObject d, int value ) Sets the row property.
GetRowSpan( DependencyObject d ) Gets the rowSpan property.
SetRowSpan( DependencyObject d, int value ) Sets the rowSpan property.


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