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Can't view collection content in ReadOnly PropertyGrid

Jan 2 at 9:29 PM
In a PropertyGrid with the IsReadOnly property set to true, collection dialog buttons are greyed out, so you can't view the content at all.

(Tested with Toolkit 3.0.0 and an int[][] array)
Jan 5 at 6:18 PM

You are right. Setting PropertyGrid.IsReadOnly to true will disable the PropertyItem's editors, so you cannot use the CollectionControl Dialog.

The user of the Plus version v3.1 have access to a new Property : PropertyGrid.IsExpandingNonPrimitiveTypes. When true, this will display the Collection's content as a treeView directly in the PropertyGrid. Using PropertyGrid.IsReadOnly will prevent from modifying the Collection's content, but it will still be visible.

Issue has been created to be able to see the collection in ReadOnly mode.

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