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AvalonDock - tabs that start on LeftSide or RightSide are pushed to the bottom if any item is selected as floating or pinned down

Jul 22, 2014 at 7:20 PM
Hello. I'm a newcomer to the AvalonDock control and am investigating how we can incorporate it into our project. We have a specific region where we would like to put the AvalonDock, and we would like the "tabs" of a LayoutAnchorGroup to show up on the right side of the panel. In Kaxaml, I was playing with the source in the example provided in the AvalonDock documentation ( and I modified the line...
As expected, this put the tabs on the right side, but when I then make one of the LayoutAnchorables float, the remaining tabs (I added another tab for testing) get pushed to the bottom and the layout gets squished to the side. Note that this behavior is the same whether the tabs are on the LeftSide or the RightSide. It is only when the tabs are on the top or the bottom that the remaining tabs stay put when one is selected to float.

To eliminate Kaxaml as being the source of the problem, I then ported the code over to DevStudio2013. No joy; the same behavior was seen, even when the tabs were in their original position on the left. If I select one for floating, the other tab gets pushed to the bottom of the window. Furthermore, the tabs are pushed to the bottom of the screen if I pin any of the tabs down, or if I auto hide the item.

Is the pushing of the tabs to the bottom an expected behavior? If so, is there any way I can turn it off? In our application, we would like the tabs to consistently appear on the right side.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.