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Adding event handler

Jul 26, 2013 at 5:20 PM
Hi guys,
I'm adding a tab with Avalon like this:
        var leftAnchorGroup = DockingManager.Layout.RightSide.Children.SingleOrDefault();

        if (leftAnchorGroup == null)
            leftAnchorGroup = new LayoutAnchorGroup();

        leftAnchorGroup.Children.Add(new LayoutAnchorable() 
            Title = "New Anchorable",
            ContentId = "newAchorableDock",
            IsActive = true,
            IsSelected = true,
            CanHide = true
But I wanna be able to closed and re-open this tab whenever I want. The fact is that leftAnchorGroup's events are not triggered.

How can I register leftAnchorGroup's events so I can see every time they are triggered?

Thank you.