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Improved TreeView in WPF Toolkit

Jan 26, 2013 at 11:54 PM


Came over your toolkit and was quite impressed. Many good controls.

For the past days i have been researching the TreeView control. I believe many would agree with me when i say it has loads of shortcomings, I would like you to create and add an improved TreeView control to this toolkit.

Things i really want this new TreeView to have includes:

* Multiple selection (Ctrl+Click / Shift+Click)

   - No support for this at all in TreeView
* Filter/Order

  - Only works for root nodes, ill admit there are tricks one can use to make it work on child nodes, but should it really be nescessary to fight the system for such trivial functionality?

* Binding to SelectedItem(s)

  - TreeView can only select one item, and there is even no way to bind directly to that selected item.

Feel free to add anything else that seems important. As i said i've looked around google for quite some time and i believe there really is a need for a good TreeView control with basic functionality that was missing from the existing one.

Any thoughts? I would have made this myself if i had any experience creating ui controls.