DateTimeUpDown problem...


Hello! I'm trying to use DateTimeUpDown in my project.
So I have faced a problem If I use ShortTime format, the problem is:
When I selected time (minutes) I want to input for example 15, I press 1 and then 5 and something strange happen.
1) 12:00 AM
2) 12:1 AM
3) 12:5AM

I did something wrong?
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Shivan149 wrote Jan 4 at 6:48 AM


same here. Occurs in 3.0.0.
Did you find a solution?

wrote Jan 4 at 6:48 AM

BoucherS wrote Jan 5 at 3:30 PM


This is already fixed in v3.1. You can wait for v3.1 to be released or use v3.2 "Plus" available here : https://wpftoolkit.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Compare%20Editions.

You can also go in file Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit/DateTimeUpDown/Implementation/DateTimeUpDown.cs, and in its static constructor, add :
UpdateValueOnEnterKeyProperty.OverrideMetadata( typeof( DateTimeUpDown ), new FrameworkPropertyMetadata( true ) );
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SchwertJuergen wrote Mar 17 at 12:36 PM

How do i find the DateTimeUpDown.cs file and how can i modify it?
If i use "peek definition" in Visual Studio on one DateTimeUpDown control in my project it opens it from Metadata as read only, which i obviously cant edit.

Thanks for the help!