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Only available in the Plus Edition

Derives from DependencyObject

Displays a list of DataPoint primitives in an Area of a Chart.


Property Description
ShowHintLabels Gets or Sets, show hint labels for series elements or not.
ShowPointsInLegend If true, DataPoints from this Series are displayed in legend.
IsOwnerHighlight Gets or Sets, is this Series performing highlight of it's child elements manually or not.
MarkerTemplate Gets or Sets DataTemplate for Markers.
Template Gets or Sets DataTemplate for this Series elements.
HintLabelTemplate Gets or sets hint label template for elements of this series.
HintLineTemplate Gets or sets hint line template for elements of this series.
HintLineLength Gets or sets hint line length.
Title Gets or Sets Series Title. Displayed in LegendItem
Spacing Gets or Sets Spacing between series elements. this value is % relative to element width. Example: if for Column layout type spacing is 20, then column width is 80.
Layout Gets or Sets LayoutEngine for this Series, that will layout this Series.
DefaultInterior Gets or Sets default interior color for series elements.
Area Gets parent Area
DataPointBindings Gets list of BindingInfo objects. Add BindingInfo objects to this list to set up binding for DataPoints.
DataPointsSource Gets or Sets binding source for DataPoints.
DataPoints Gets or sets list of DataPoint.
LayoutPrimitives Gets list of ChartPrimitive for layout elements.
LayoutHints Gets list of ChartPrimitive for layout hints.


Method Description
ApplyDefaultTemplate() Applies default DataTemplates for series elements.
GetSortedPoints() Gets array of DataPoints contained in this series, sorted if needed.
Reset() Clears list of chart primitives.


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