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FilePicker Plus

Only available in the Plus Edition

Derives from System.Windows.Controls.Control

Represents an editor that allows a user to pick a file from the disk.


Property Description
BrowseButtonStyle Gets or sets the style of the "Browse" button.
BrowseContent Gets or sets the content of the "Browse" button.
Filter Gets or sets the filter to ues when opening the browsing window. For example, "Image Files .jpg;.jpeg"
InitialDirectory Gets or sets the path that will be used as the intial directory when the browsing window is opened.
IsOpen Gets or sets a value indicating whether the browsing window is open.
MultiSelect Gets or sets a value indicating whether mulitple files can be selected in the browsing window.
SelectedFile Gets or sets the name of the selected file.
SelectedFiles Gets or sets a collection of strings representing the names of the selected files.
SelectedValue Gets the string representing the displayed selection(s) in the FilePicker.
Title Gets or sets the title of the browsing window.
UseFullPath Gets or sets a value indicating whether the full path of the selected file(s) should be included when return the name of the selected file(s) through the SelectedFile or SelectedFiles properties.
Watermark Gets or sets the watermark to display when no files are selected.
WatermarkTemplate Gets or sets the DataTemplate to use for the Watermark.


Method Description
OnSelectedValueChanged Raises the SelectedValueChanged event.


Event Description
SelectedFileChanged Raised when the selected file has been changed.
SelectedFilesChanged Raised when the selected files have been changed.


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