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Only available in the Plus Edition

Derives from AnimationPanel

Positions the elements in a carousel mode with a centered element in front.



Property Description
* All the Properties from Canvas Panel
AngularOffset Gets or sets the rotation on the carousel from the children.
AngularExtend Gets or sets the extension of the carousel (360 is a perfect circle).
AreChildrenScaled Gets or sets if the children in the back are smaller than the ones in the front.
AreChildrenOrdered Gets or sets is the children are ordered in the carousel.
CenteredChild Gets the center child in the carousel.
DistantChildScale Gets or sets the children scale for non-centered children.
MaximumAngularSeparation Gets or sets the maximum angle between children.
MaximumRadius Gets or sets the maximum radius in the carousel.
MinimumAngularSeparation Gets or sets the minimum angle between children.
MinimumRadius Gets or sets the minimum radius in the carousel.
Orientation Gets or sets the orientation of the carousel (Vertical or Horizontal).
Radius Gets the radius in the carousel.
Tilt Gets or sets the tilt angle of the carousel.


Event Description
* All the Events from Canvas Panel.


Method Description
CenterChild( UIElement child, TimeSpan animationDuration, bool perQuarterTurn ) Moves child to the front center of the carousel.
ReorderChildrenAroundChild( UIElement child ) This function will reorder the children inside the panel based on the given child.
StopAnimation() Stop any active animation.
GetChildOffset( DependencyObject d ) Gets the ChildOffset property.
SetChildOffset( DependencyObject d, double value ) sets the ChildOffset property.
GetChildScale( DependencyObject d ) Gets the ChildScale property.
SetChildScale( DependencyObject d, double value ) Sets the ChildScale property.
GetChildZIndex( DependencyObject d ) Gets or sets the ChildZIndex property.
SetChildZIndex( DependencyObject d, int value ) sets the ChildZIndex property.


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