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Derives from Xceed.Wpf.Toolkit.DecimalUpDown

The CalculatorUpDown provides a TextBox with button spinners that allow incrementing and decrementing numeric values by using the spinner buttons, keyboard up/down arrows, or mouse wheel. It also provides a Calculator dropdown which allows you to perform mathematical calculations.


When using the CalculatorUpDown in data binding scenarios, bind your object's value to the Value property. You can specify how much to increment the value by setting the Increment property. You can control the minimum and maximum allowed values by setting the Minimum and the Maximum properties. You can also specify if the user can directly edit the values in the text box by setting the IsEditable property. If you would like to get the actual fromatted string representation of the value, you can use the Text property.

Applying FormatStrings

     <xctk:CalculatorUpDown Value="1564.6749586" />

Floating Point:
     <xctk:CalculatorUpDown FormatString="F3" Value="1564.6749586" Increment=".001"  Maximum="200000.599" />

     <xctk:CalculatorUpDown FormatString="C2" Value="1564.6749586" Increment=".5" Maximum="5000.50" Minimum="50.01" />

Supported Format Strings

Format Specifier Name
C Currency
F Fixed Point
G General
N Number
P Percent


You can provide a Watermark to show text in place of a NULL Value.

     <xctk:CalculatorUpDown Watermark="Enter Value" />


Property Description
AllowSpin Gets or sets the ability to perform increment/decrement operations via the keyboard, button spinners, or mouse wheel. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
AllowTextInput Determines if the editable part of the control can be edited. The editable part does not include buttons or spinners, it is typically the text part.
AutoMoveFocus Gets or sets if the focus can move from this control to other controls. (Inherited from NumericUpDown)
AutoSelectBehavior Gets or sets a value indicating how the content of the auto-select text box is selected (Never or OnFocus). By default, OnFocus. (Inherited from NumericUpDown)
ClipValueToMinMax Gets or sets if the value should be clipped when minimum/maximum is reached. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
CultureInfo Gets or sets the current CultureInfo. (Inherited from InputBase)
DefaultValue Get or sets the value to use when the Value is null and an increment/decrement operation is performed. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
DisplayDefaultValueOnEmptyText Gets or sets if the DefaultValue should be displayed when the text is empty. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
DisplayText Gets or sets the text displayed in the Calculator view port.
EnterClosesCalculator Gets or sets whether or not the Enter keyboard button will close the Calculator when pressed.
FormatString Gets or sets the dispaly format of the Value.
Increment Gets or Sets the amount in which to increment the value. (Inherited from NumericUpDown)
IsOpen Gets or sets if the Calculator is displayed.
IsReadOnly Gets or sets if the control is read only. (Inherited from InputBase)
Maximum Gets or sets the maximum allowed value. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
Memory Gets or sets the numeric value stored in the Calculator memory.
Mimum Gets or sets the minimum allowed value. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
MouseWheelActiveTrigger Gets or sets when the MouseWheel is active (Focused, FocusedMouseOver, MouseOver, Disabled). By default, FocusedMouseOver. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
ParsingNumberStyle Gets or sets the parsing style (AllowLeadingWhite, Float, AllowHexSpecifier, ...). By default, Any. (Inherited from CommonNumericUpDown)
Precision Gets or sets the maximum number of digits displayed to the right of the decimal point in the Calculator.
ShowButtonSpinner Gets or sets if the button spinners are visible. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
Text Gets or sets the formatted string representation of the value. (Inherited from InputBase)
TextAlignment Gets or sets the alignment of the Text (Left, Right, Center, Justify). By default, Left. (Inherited from InputBase)
Value Gets or sets the numeric value. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
Watermark Gets or sets the object to use as a watermark if the Value is null. (Inherited from InputBase)
WatermarkTemplate Gets or sets the DatTemplate to use for the Watermark. (Inherited from InputBase)


Event Description
InputValidationError Raised when the Text cannot be converted to a valid Value. (Inherited from UpDownBase)
ValueChanged Raised when the Value changes. (Inherited from UpDownBase)

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BoucherS Feb 7, 2014 at 1:27 PM 
Please use a Discussion tab.
Setting CalculatorUpDown.Visibility = Collapsed works well. Can you point out the fixed width and height ?

vdohnal Feb 7, 2014 at 9:43 AM 
This control sets fixed width and height of its parts and it does not work well with Visibility.Collapsed.

pcttechnical Jun 4, 2012 at 12:33 AM 
Cool tool. But is there any way to make data entry more consistent with a textbox regarding binding updates? In particular a binding like this :

Value="{Binding Path=MyProperty, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}"

*does not* cause the binding to be updated immediately when the value in the control is updated by keyboard input as one would expect....