The Calculator is a control used for performing mathematical calculations.



  • Basic Math Functions
  • Memory Operations
    • Clear
    • Store
    • Recall
    • Add (M+)
    • Subract (M-)
  • Mouse and Keyboard support

Properties / Events

Property Description
DisplayText Gets/Sets the text displayed in the view port.
EnterClosesCalculator Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Enter keyboard button closes the calculator when pressed.
Memory Gets/Sets the numeric value stored in memory
Precision Gets/Sets the maximum number of digits displayed to the right of the decimal point.
Value Gets/Sets the numeric value. (Inherited from InputBase.)

Event Description
ValueChanged Occurs when the Value changes.

Support this project, check out the Plus Edition.

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CodeSrbin Jul 15, 2011 at 12:31 PM 
Thank you, nice job.My question is can i override your calculator control to look like windows 7 calculator control with upper label?