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Is AvalonDock also usable with Wpf Windows (System.Windows.Window) as layoutable element?

Sep 6, 2016 at 3:09 PM

for one small application it would be very nice if end-user can configure the layot of an application. Inside this application one of very complex wpf element should became docing possibility.

This element is of type System.Windows.Window. Is ist possible, and how, to embedd this window to other Wpf Window with AvalonDock manager? This window also exposes lot of peoperties and events.

If not, how it can be done, rearrange all content as descendant of LayoutFloatingWindow or something other?

By the way - the high of element should be fixed (detected by element itself depending on context), only width can be 'floated', but is also limited to some minimum

Many thanks in advance!