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LayoutAnchorable content disappears when floating

Nov 4, 2014 at 5:06 AM
I'm creating LayoutAnchorables in the code behind and floating them immediately. This all works fine including when I dock it with my mouse. When I undock it with my mouse by dragging it out, all the content disappears and I'm left with a blank white floating window. This is the code I'm using to create it.
LayoutAnchorable container = new LayoutAnchorable ();
            container.Title = e.Room.ID;
            container.Content = new RoomPanel (e.Room);
            container.FloatingWidth = 400;
            container.FloatingHeight = 500;
            layoutPanel.Children.Add (new LayoutAnchorablePane (container));
            container.Float ();
        <xcad:DockingManager x:Name="dock">
                <xcad:LayoutPanel x:Name="layoutPanel">
                        <xcad:LayoutDocument Title="Room Map" x:Name="roomMapPanelContainer" CanClose="False"  CanFloat="False">
                            <panels:RoomMapPanel x:Name="roomMapPanel"></panels:RoomMapPanel>
                        <xcad:LayoutAnchorable Title="General" x:Name="generalPanelContainer">
                            <panels:GeneralPanel x:Name="generalPanel"></panels:GeneralPanel>
This issue does not occur when I create it through XAML and place it in the same spot as the other 2 windows.

Am I missing something?
Nov 4, 2014 at 9:27 PM
Hi, a fix has been added in v2.5. It should fix your problem.