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Property Grid, Docking Manager(Avalon): custom validation on property grid is not working correctly

Sep 19, 2013 at 8:06 PM
Hi, I am using combination of Avalon docking manager(for multiple tabbing) and WPF Toolkit PropertyGrid. Whenever I click on any item on the layout document, its properties is shown in the Property Grid. As every item should have the unique name, i have to put validation on Name field of item in property grid.

Currently, I have used the customediotor for the item namefield which is a textbox and adding the event of lost focus. And this lost focus event is used for unique name validation. It is working correctly in one tab. However if I click on the other tab, lost focus event is not firing and validation does not occur. Even if I click on any control out side the tab, validation does not occur.

Please suggest