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MaskedTextBox with xml data

Nov 2, 2012 at 11:25 PM

i have a simple test im tring to run and i cant get the MaskedTextBox to use the xml data i have provided

the MaskedTextBox is also in a datagrid

the standard datagrid column is bound like this:
<DataGridTextColumn Header="Effective YQ" Binding="{Binding XPath=@EffectiveYQ}"/>

and that binding works fine

i have tried several ways of binding the MaskedTextBox and i just can't get it to work... currently i have:

<DataGridTemplateColumn x:Name="cEffectiveYQ" Header ="Effective YQ" Width="77">
                                Mask="0000/0" Background="#00000000"  BorderBrush="White"
                                Height="25" Width="100"
                                Value="{Binding XPath=@EffectiveYQ}">


any suggestions?