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TimePicker issues

Jun 30, 2011 at 6:13 AM


I am using the TimePicker, and have encountered a few issues:

- if you use the keyboard to move between different parts of the date time and then use the up/down arrow keys, it doesn't increase or decrease the value of the part of the day time that you are currently in, rather it will increase or decrease the value of where you last clicked.

- Pressing tab does not move between the three different editing parts.

- The drop-down list box doesn't take into account the value of the current time. For example if the current time is 5:30pm then dropping down the list box should have that selected.

- It would be preferable for me if the picker worked the same way that the Windows one does. In the Windows time picker, you cannot enter an invalid value, for example if you try and press 33 in the hour box, it won't let you enter the second three.

This is a fantastic library, I hope that continues to be developed, unlike the Microsoft toolkit!


Jun 30, 2011 at 6:30 PM

Let me address your concerns:

- I understand the behavior you are describing.  There was a reason I disabled that behavior (it was once there). I could not acurately guess what the user was trying to do when moving the cursor; were they typing, were they using the mouse to select, where they trying to tab, were they using the arrows.  Since I have to support multiple laguages and any custom format a user chooses, I had to disable that behavior.

- When the control was being developed I was given feedback that tabbing should not tab to different sections of the control, but should tab in and out of just the control.  Why do you believe that it should tab to different sections?

- This seems like a bug.  It used to work.  It is possible I broke it.  I will look into this one.

- The TimePicker is a single textbox input control and is not made up of separate "boxes".  Given that I need to support any language and custom format I cannot restrict input as I don't know what the input will be.  I can aonly take the input given and try my best to parse it out.

Thank you for you feedback.  I will be looking into item 3.

Jul 6, 2011 at 1:09 AM

Thanks for your reply.

As I just posted in another thread, I have created my own time picker that does exactly what I want.  It uses three separate text boxes and constrains the entry to appropriate values.  Therefore you can tab through them, but not use the keyboard to move between them, which is the same as the Windows time picker.